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Full Version: Help!!!! Pork Butts for decent price in Ogden area
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Monday night I'm cooking a 100 pounds of pork for a Young Men activity. I usually get them at Kents Market in Roy for a fairly decent price. This time the price is $2.99 per pound which seems a bit high. Is that the going rate right now??

Instead I orderd 50 #'s of cushion meat and 50 #'s of butts; the cushion meat is $1.19 per # but doesn't have the fat the butts have so I'll just mix them together. The cushion meat is used to make boneless pork ribs and has very little shrinkage.

My Sams card is expired so that, unfortunately is not an option. Where does everyone here on the North end get their products?? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!
Case price at Sam's Club for bone in butts is 1.48. There are approx. 80 pounds per case (ten butts). Looks like a rip off to me.
Sam's club membership would pay for it's self fast at this rate.
Go to Oscars Meats down by the railroad tracks around 31st street. His phone number is 801-394-6472. Address is 250 W 31 Street, Ogden, Ut. I just bought 20lbs from him for $1.42 per pound. He's open only until 3:00 p.m. and I don't think they are open on Saturday but not sure.
He's a wholesaler and has anything you want. I picked up a 10lb package of ribs ($2.17/lb) and 35lbs of brisket ($2.39/lb) along with the pork yesterday. Good luck.
Larry, I felt it was a rip off too, that's why I threw it out here; you're right a Sams Club membership would pay for itself. It seems that lately Kents market has become an over-priced convenience store. Randy, thanks for the tip on Oscars meats, I'll stop by the next time I'm in that area!!

Yesterday I happened by the Winco on 12th & Wall and off the cuff, talked to one of the meat managers; he had a 130 pounds with last weeks sale price, I got them for $1.49 a pound.

Thank you VERY much for all of your help!!
SAMs Club case price in Oden is $1.39... I bought 6 cases!
SAMs Club case price in Ogden is $1.39... I bought 6 cases!

Bonneville Meats is also has great prices on 21st Street!
Dan's at Foothill Village in Salt Lake had picnic shoulders (bone-in) on sale for $.99 lb. on Saturday. In store sale only, I'm not sure if it is still on.

The only thing wrong with Oscars is he will not let you pick out your own meat. He brings you his selections out to you. I have been there several times in the last 2 months, 2 weeks ago he charged me 2.59/lb for 14 racks of spare ribs. I can get spares at Sams for 1.90/lb (case price) last week.

Try Dons in Roy on 19th st. I heard it is good.
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