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Full Version: 4 More Judges Needed At Coalville
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I noticed a couple indicated that they would judge if needed (Phred for one). I just got an e-mail indicating that they need 4 more. If you are willing, contact the organizers or just show up at 0930 in the judges tent.
Very interesting, because I got an e-mail yesterday saying they were booked up and didn't need anymore.

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I wont show up without a spot for sure... LEt me know soon. I think I am a good judge.I have judged about ten comps. . I cooked one comp. lived in Texas for ten years owned a smoker for 36 years
The last e-mail I got from Tommy Duncan was at 3:15 this afternoon and he said "get'em there." That's all I know.
I'll be there with my son if they can use me
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