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Hello All,

So As I know our main focus day in and day out is Barbecue. But I wanna take a second and tell you all about my day job and how it can help your Barbecue Business.
(07-11-2012 10:36 AM)HDBBQ Wrote: [ -> ]Chris,

I understand what you mean for the banner and link on the Business site. As much as I would love to put Utah BBQ banner on xxxxxx xxxxxxx website I'm not the owner of xxxxxxxx xxxxxx I'm just one of their senior account executives. I would have to ask about the banner thing witch may not happen. Although I may be able to ask them if we can do some link exchange on the back side of things. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you wish by cell

SoEzzy Wrote:Thanks, I'll consult with the Managing Members, until we clarify things as far as the Online Image site, please take down the post, as that was the site that you are promoting without the chance or an evenhanded return.

If you would like to ask your boss about back end links, banner ad's etc, I'm sure we will be able to work something out, that works for both parties.


Thanks for your time,

James Parr (H&D BBQ)

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Psst if you want to advertise your services on the forum, I'm sure we can come to some agreement, I know you'd want reciprocity, so I'll work out a similar sized banner to be posted on your site, advertising The Utah BBQ Organization, I thank you for thinking of your BBQ Brothers and Sisters, it's a great gesture!
I already have one for you guys on http://www.hdbbq.net. Pm me your info Chris and I can give you a call or what not
I see it on your "Vist our Friends" section of your Comments page and I thank you for that, but this is for your business site not your personal site, will we get reciprocity there too?
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