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Full Version: Rub recipe blues
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Hi all,

Been experimenting with various recipe's on my rib rub. Having looked up several different "Memphis rub" styles, almost all had chili powder and cumin in them. I smoked three racks Sunday and all three tasted more like chili rather than smoked ribs.

What I wish to achieve is that good, deep smoked flavor in the meat. Suggestions, my friends?

This one is a good starting point.

WHat did your rub mix ratios look like?? How did you smoke them. I too enjoy heavy smoke flavor and hit ribs special hard for the first 2-2.5 hrs..

Here's a suggestion


Here's another site with lots of recipes. It is slow downloading so you have to patient with the site.
A big thing in Memphis style is Red Chile Powder not Chili Powder. Take a look in the spice Isle and look for it. Red Chile powder does not have the coco powder and cumin ect that chili powder does. Hope that helps a little.
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