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Full Version: Temp controller input air location WSM -modification
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Well I have used my Ique 110's a few times now and other than not being as precise as I am ADA they seem to work ok. Basically the pot is to course like 20 degrees per catching the next coil? and the dial knob marking line is 12 degrees F wide.
But I am always about the better. I have always thought the WSM's would be better if the air entry vent holes were down lower by about 2". Getting them below the charcoal grate. As it is now they air enters above the grate.
It seems to me that some of the air will go straight up and out the vent without ever passing by the coals...
IT the entry was below then I suspect it would be more air for the coal??
This seems even more important when you have two of the three vents shut off to us a temp controller.
I suspect they designed the holes so high for safety so a mess would not drop out as the coals burned and possibly start a fire. but I cook on cement on a metal shield.

What are all your opinions on this.. What would be the problems of doing this and specifically dead bottom.??
I am considering punching a hold lower.. center would be perfect except it might get clogged with ashes.
I was very disappointed in the DigiQ I bought. The only way I got temps up is to remove the big water pan and place a thinner yet small aluminum pan on grates below. That is the only way I can get to 300 or better. The DIGIQ Like I said did't work as some have advertised.
I have used different type's of charcoal and nothing will work. I couldn't get webber to call me back. I also had an engineer tell me to get the smoker hot as I want would be as you suggested move the vent holes lower.
Oh we'll . Hopefully someone else has better ideas. I would appreciate more advice on the WSM

Take a look at all things WSM at the Virtual Weber Bullet tvwbb.infopop.cc/eve/forums opps they have change their URL http://tvwbb.com/forum.php

You can play with the WSM without the controller, if you want to cook below 250° then leave the water pan full of water, wrap the pan in foil before you put the water in, that way clean up is a breeze.

If you want to get above 250° then either use balled up foil with a wrap of more foil over the top, or go with a planter plate, made of terracotta again wrapped in foil for easy clean up.

It is hard to get the pit above 250° while there are a couple of gallons of water steaming and boiling away to keep the temperature down.

You could add a piece of pipe to direct the air under the charcoal grate.

I don't have a blower on my older 18.5" WSM, but have no trouble cooking long cooks at 235° - 250° for 12 hours or more.

Practice, practice, practice... you'll get there in the end, oh and ask your questions so we can all help out, there are lots of WSM owners here and in the organization!
We cook at 275 in our 22.5 WSM. We run with a water pan that is dry. The pan is fulled with lava rock and foil over the top. We get about a 10 hour burn on the pit. Great bark, and no problems controlling the temps. We have a Stoker for the smoker but stopped using it. It runs on autopilot.
Im going to grind a lower hole today.
No hole but my modification worked great and gets the air to where it is needed...
I will be selling these air duct mods for the WSM but really only work if you have a temp controller of any brand..
I am so pleased with my design.
The WSM adaptor I bought for my Guru Party Q was baffled on the inside part so the air would be forced down under the coals. Also made it quick pull off so the heat didn't vent back through the fan at end of the cook thereby melting it.
Well the Ique 110 just blows in all three holes unless you tape two up.. ANd as you know the holes are aiming at the fire ring so not a direct shot at the fire and so some air is going to go in up and out and cool down the cooker more when more heat is called for.... I notice getting the air under all the coals is a big difference and would think even using no temp controller would be a vast improvement on the WSM.
Larry, I watched a video of the party Q going on a green egg.. I cant see the duct your talking about.. do you have a link.
Seems like a baffle on the inside directing the air down would be in order. Anyone else on the Bullet Forum bring this up?
Go here:
Thanks for everyone's great advice. I really appreciate the help.

Thanks again

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