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Full Version: Peoples Choice Huntsville Smoke; Thoughts??
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I thought I'd post this question here and get opinons from teams who are competing.

We have the option of doing a 'People's Choice' award. In order to participate the team would need to purchase a $25 'Sampling permit' from the Weber County Health Department. It is good for 3 months and would allow the crowd to get involved. We would like to hear from the teams and see what thoughts they had. Would it be worth putting $25 in for all those that wanted to participate and the winner takes all?

Those who are vending and already have a permit will not need to purchase the sampling permit.

With the Huntsville Marathon being a Boston Marathon qualifier, they have over 1,500 runners entered; we expect over 3000 people at the park on race day.

Please check out the competitions Facebook Page. Huntsville BBQ Challenge

Thanks so much for all of your support!!!!
Would you be charging for samples, and if so would the team get any of the money brought in?
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