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Full Version: CANCELLED Huntsville Competition
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I received word from Greg this morning that the Huntsville BBQ Challenge has been cancelled. It was felt from the beginning that this would be a great fit. Unfortunately, holding it in conjunction with the marathon has instead become a logistical challenge in working with the city and coordinating with all the other groups involved in the marathon.

I am especially VERY sorry to all the teams that have already made plans.

I wll make sure that all entry fees are refunded promptly and will contact each team personally.

Very Sincerely,
Lyle Earl
Bummer! Sorry Lyle.
We are sad that this has been canceled... It was one of our Favorites from last year...!
That sucks!Dodgy I was going to submit my application tonight... Oh well.
There will be one in Ogden instead the Cutrubus Cadillac HQ-Utah BBQ Fall Competition same weekend, same cost, same meats, same teams?


Come on out and get your feet wet again!
Great! Thanks for picking this up and making this happen! Smile
Who were the teams that were signed up already?
We were. I'll pay ya when I get my refund.

Dubba Das was in and we are signed up for the new one now.
Thanks NativeTexan, it will be good to meet you there!
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