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All you certified judges out there, we need you! I still have 8 judge spots and 3 Table Captain spots open for the SAT SEP 29th Cutrubus Fall BBQ Competition in Ogden. Please e-mail me at Racheall.UTBBQORG@yahoo.com and let me know if can judge.
Any judges that would like to judge but who have not signed up yet... there's still time!

Leave me a message, or contact Lady Frankenswine, we could do with 3 or 4 more!

Arrive about 10:00 AM at Cutrubus Cadillac HQ 770 West Riverdale Rd, Ogden.

11:00 Chicken
12:00 Ribs
1:00 Pork
2:00 Brisket.

Awards at 4:00.
Okay to invite a couple of "uncertified" local BBQ enthusiasts to judge?
i would love to but i have to work saturday.
Yes please Randy!

Sorry BrdPrey, hope you can make it next time.
I can't wait. I don't work Saturday anymore. I should be able to judge from now on.
You're on the list Gary... see you after the judging is done!
Here are the times and address for those that are coming out to judge at Cutrubus Cadillac HQ

Cutrubus Cadillac HQ
770 West Riverdale Rd Ogden, UT 84405

Please try and get there by 10:00 AM Saturday.

Judges meeting will be at 10:15.

Chicken turn ins will be 11:00 AM
Pork Ribs turn in will be 12:00 PM
Pork Shoulder will be 1:00 PM
Brisket turn ins will be 2:00 PM
Awards will be at 4:00 PM
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