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Full Version: Judges needed for The Freeze Your Piggy's Off BBQ Challenge
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Register on this thread for judging The Freeze Your Piggy's Off BBQ Challenge.

The Freeze Your Piggy's Off BBQ Challenge
November 10th
4066 South 1900 West Roy, UT 84067

Judges meeting for the Pro Division 10:00 AM.

If you register please email Racheall with the following information!

Judges Name:
Judges CBJ Number:
# Contests Judged:
Drat, missed another one. First a typhoon blocks my departure from Okinawa to catch the Cutrubus contest then this one. My leave is consumed and I'm back home and at work.
Like the saying goes, "There's always next year". Have fun, guys and gals.
We can always send you a parcel...how long does it take for USPS to get there? Wink
I'm in to judge. Will e-mail Rachaell.
So Ezzy, 7-8 days priority mail. Doubt that anything once edible would still be after it got there. They screen stuff pretty often coming through the mail.
I can judge this too.
Dana and I will be there to Judge
I've invited a couple of folks out to be guest judges that are not certified but are BBQ enthusiasts and one has some experience judging. To get them some "just-in-time" training, I'm presenting our Utah BBQ Organization certification training that is in development as a basic instruction and to gather "operational" testing of its content before we finalize it. If anyone would like to attend/audit this training session, please show up at 0930.
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