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Full Version: Pig Candy
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Ok, So I was sitting watching some slide shows of our families and a picture of my nephews came on the screen. It reminded me of the day I was telling them how good Pig Candy was and their mouths were watering just listening to me talk about it. They have asked me several times if I would make them some. Well, as their smiling faces popped up on the screen, I remembered I had a package of good bacon in the fridge and it was time to keep my promise to make them some.
Laid out and cooling.
Dipped in chocolate!
Into a rib box. How fitting!
All packaged and ready to go!
One of my favorite BBQ delights!! Your upgrade using chocolate and icing is over the top. Great idea! Combines two of my diet-busting must haves. Thanks for sharing Mike.
Great job Mike! Looks fantastic, a war between sweet and salty, my mouth is watering...Tongue
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