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Full Version: Big Zucchinis
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So, my wife throws out all of the zucchinis from our garden that get larger than 8 inches. She says that they are tough and inedible. I said ok and went out to the garden and got one. She laughed and said it will be too tough to eat, but go ahead and cook it. I took out my vegetable slicer and cut slices about as thick as a pencil. I rubbed them all down (both sides) with olive oil and sprinkled with seasoned salt. I let them sit on a plate while I got the grill fired up.
I threw on a marinated Flat Iron Steak and a couple of red and green peppers rubbed with olive oil. I then threw on the zucchini and grilled them on both sides. My gosh they turned out great! They are now on my favorites list! My wife even loved them!

My wife made up some kosher salt rubbed baked potatoes and some butternut squash to go with dinner. My daughter rustled up some some of her great guacamole and tortilla chips as well. Eatin' like a king!

Looks delicious.. Now I'm hungry.
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