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Full Version: Pellet Grills for Sale
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I'ml looking at selling my two Traeger 075's (now known as the Texas). Both have the digital thermostat and have worked well for me. I't just time to clear a few things out.

The approximate size 15 x 34 inches, for about 510 square inches of cooking surface.

I do not have any pictures at the moment but hope to add some tomorrow.

Let me know if you are interested.
Looking at a starting price of $400, but willing to negotiate.
Some pictures.....
(11-16-2012 05:33 PM)wallywombat Wrote: [ -> ]Looking at a starting price of $400, but willing to negotiate.

Can you get a few pics up, I am interested. Been looking for a good pellet smoker.
Lets see... 1/2 a ton of pellets... Bigger Traeger... Hmmm...
Mc73, are the pics in my third post not visible? Or are you looking for more pics? let me know.

Stephen, I do have two available whichI am sure could help make a dent in that 1/2 ton of pellets.
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