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Full Version: Saturday June 29, 2013 Huntsville, Utah
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I'm hosting a 3 generation birthday party (40, 60 & 80) at the Eagles Campground in Huntsville (Ogden Canyon), UT for my Grandmother, my Mom and me. One of the many interests the three of us have in common is our love for BBQ, so what better way than to celebrate with terrific BBQ meats! We are expecting 50-60 guests and are interested in hiring a mobile BBQ person to provide, prepare and cook the meat. Please email me at naitod@stifel.com or call me direct at 310.650.7449 to discuss.

Thank you for this fantastic website - what a great way to locate information re: BBQ competitions, recipes and BBQ methods!
You should check with the local bbq place there in Huntsville...

Thank you Wallywombat, I looked into Texas Pride last week and according to their website they offer pre-cooked pick up and delivery (we have a 50-60 guest count), but I was hoping to find someone that will grill on-site.
Hi, I did send a message to the BBQ Place in Huntsville for you last night. If they are unable to help you, I could possibly help you out. I would have to check dates when I get home. We offer "On Site" catering and we are close by in Brigham City.
You can visit our website at http://www.tumbleweedbbq.com/ for more information on us. Thanks.
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