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Full Version: 2013 Utah BBQ Organization Membership!
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We are bringing out the membership for those that want some savings through 2013.

There will be discounts against contest entry fees run by Utah BBQ Organization in connection with Great Western BBQ Events LLC *

The Membership fees are payable through a PayPal subscription button that you will find in your profile, (User CP), at the top of the left column below the User CP Home, use the button MySubscriptions.

The fees for 2013 are $40.00 and will run from whenever you sign up to the 31st December 2013.

Once you have signed up you will be issued a membership card and a membership number, the membership number will be needed when signing up for competitions, the entry forms and payments for competition entry fees will be checked against the membership list.
If mistakes are accidentally made on competition entry forms, the correct competition fee's will need to be paid before teams can compete in that competition.

If you are cooking as part of a team, it is suggested that the Head Cook of the team is a member, at the very least! There is no upper limit on the number of people in a team who also carry membership! But only one (1) discount will be applied from those memberships to any competition!

Discounts have been offered by sponsors of the Utah BBQ Organization, the BBQ Pit Stop offers discounts, as do Standard Wood and SoEzzy Web Designs!

Please fill out the Membership Form that will be posted below, and send a copy when you pay and make sure your PayPal information is correct, especially the name and address matches your information on the membership form, so we can mail you your membership card!

Don't forget that the organization already has contests listed from March to October in Utah, Nevada and Wyoming, and with at least one a month, there will be plenty of time to recoup these fees.

The managing members of Utah BBQ Organization reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone at anytime without a given reason, if you are not accepted as a Full Member, any fees you have paid will be refunded!

You do not need to be a member of the organization to take part in the competitions, but in order to get a discount on the entry fees you will need to be a member!


* Check each individual contest entry form for discount details, even the discount from a single competition will pay for the full years membership to the Utah BBQ Organization.
Just payed, Thanks Chris.
Thanks Gary.

Got the payment, please fill in the form when you have time, and we will have your card on the way asap!
I am trying to sign up and it won't let me.
It has let you pay I'll check that it let your account upgrade and PM you tomorrow!
I'm not sure if it worked. Will you let me know also.
Doesn't look like it worked Goater not had anything through yet.

Pop into your User CP and click the MySubscription button 2nd button at the top left hand side of the page.
(01-27-2013 01:18 PM)SoEzzy Wrote: [ -> ]Doesn't look like it worked Goater not had anything through yet.

Pop into your User CP and click the MySubscription button 2nd button at the top left hand side of the page.

Pssst....Chris....I think that's Goatter. You know. Like: Go At Er. like: Get er done. I think you owe Mr.Atter an apology for calling him a goater.
I think it worked this time.
Yup worked this time.

Can you send me a PM with the following information?

Address line 1:
Address line 2:
Team Name #1:
Team Name #2:
You should have received it
I had an error on the email form, DUH!

So I never got your email Goatter, if you wouldn't mind filling it in again, I know it's a pain, but I've actually tested it and it works now! Wink

I'm still having trouble filling out the form. I fill in the info and hit the send tab it brings up my email with your address and subject other than that it is blank. I filled out the info manually and sent it again. Let me know if it worked.
Yup it worked this time! thanks.
(01-27-2013 02:34 PM)SoEzzy Wrote: [ -> ]So I never got your email Goatter
Pssst...Chris......GOATTER like in Go Atter. Don't think goats are involved, but could be wrong.
I don't know what you are talking on about there, Larry!

And there I was thinking he was a Goat Eater... I know I like a little Cabrito when I can get it! Wink

Sorry Goatter! Rolleyes
Don't you just hate someone that's got the keys to open a post, change it, then act like, "who, me?"
"Who me?"

Yes I really hate it, when that happens! Tongue
I usually pronounce it as "Goat-Ter". I have been using this as a user name for several years. At the time of choosing this name I had just drawn a Utah Mountain goat permit, and I was sporting a goatee.
No problem... did you get your goat?

I mean the mountain one?

Or do you still have to wait for the season, I don't have a clue when goat season is!
Yes, I harvested a nice billy, up Big Cottonwood canyon. The season started around Sept 20, and ended Oct, 30. Here's a picture.

[Image: 1-29-2013009.jpg]
That's a real pretty Goat there Goatter!

And a nice fun mount too!
I have sent in 2 apps for membership and haven't gotten a response back

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