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Full Version: Pork Butts
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Sam's has case price on butt's $1.21 lb. Go getcha some!
Thanks T
Thanks T! Smile
How many butts per case?
I pick up a case today, it was 75 pounds with 5 sets of 2 packs. So 10 butts.
I hate small butts and I cannot lie...!
I need to go to your guy Jesse, I got a couple 8 pounders. But a few we're more like 4 to 5 pounds.
Thanks T!! I bought 2 cases today.
Curtis I go to Oscars Meats in Ogden. Nice big round plump butts!
(02-20-2013 11:43 AM)Desert Magnolia Wrote: [ -> ]Curtis I go to Oscars Meats in Ogden. Nice big round plump butts!

Enough about the staff Brad... what's the meat like? Wink
Well its tasty too. I pay about .08 cents more per pound than Sams club, but his supply and quality is dependable.
I started working on my butts tonight. I just finished trimming the first case. It looked like a whole lot of trimmings so I weighed them. They weighed just over 9 pounds. As of now I have lost nearly 12 percent and still have the bones left.

My question is:
What is everyone doing with these trimmings? Do you discard them or use them somewhere else?
Depends on what the trimmings are.

Fat I've used to put into other things or I render it down, then cool it in the fridge separate off the fat and the juice, ( use the fat in other cooking and the juice in gravy's), I don't throw out meat, I will make up a foil package full of meat, it gets covered in rub and smoked or cooked to go into beans, burritos, taco's etc.
The trimmings are mostly fat. On the second case I ended up with 11# of fat and 5# of bones. Soezzy would you mind giving me some examples of what to do with 20# of fat?
If you make any sausage, you can add pork fat to venison or any other lean meat.

If you render it down, slowly heat it through in a large pan, stir and stir and stir as it melts the fat out.

Once the fat is all out, strain out the solids that are left over, allow it to cool down completely, (otherwise you will get a fat explosion), then add a 1/2 cup of water bring the liquid fat to a boil, skim off the scum that forms on the surface continue till there is no scum for two or three minutes, allow it to cool down, once totally cold, repeat with the cold water, boil it again, skim off the scum until there is no more scum on the top for two or three minutes.

Allow it to cool completely in the pan, then pour while still liquid into a rubbermade tub that is twice the size of the liquid. put in the fridge to solidify, if you get a fat layer on the top and a liquid layer underneath, pull off the top layer of clean white fat, dump the liquid into your next gravy makings it's full of pork flavor. The clean white fat is lard you can use it in pastry baking or any other cooking that asks for lard, or for frying or deep fat frying.

It's a long intensive process, but it gives you a great feeling to make use of something that lots of folks have forgotten what it is and how to use it! Wink
Thanks SoEzzy. I'll try this over the weekend. I finished processing my game meat a couple weeks ago. I planned on smoking 1 case of pork shoulders, and turning the other case into sausage. I was thinking of buying some shoiulders from Costco that are more lean and mixing in some of the fat for sausage what do you think?
Yup that will work well!

I've not made sausage yet, but if you read the threads on the smoke ring http://www.thesmokering.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=23 there are some great recipes!
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