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Full Version: Mold and Mildew on the inside
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I am a little embarrassed and very frustrated. Can't remember why, but the vault smoker was put away without being cleaned. Now racks, sides, pans, etc all have a thick film of mold/mildew on the inside.

I do not own a pressure washer, and was hoping to get ideas on solvents or brushes .. anything to restore the cooker and make it safe again. Appreciate any thoughts at all. Please.

Take out all the bits that can come out.

Stick them in a black sack, use a heavy duty oven cleaner!

Get a bottle or two of Simply Green, spray down the inside of the pit, wipe it down with some cloths that you don't mind throwing away!

Clean it down, throw out the trash, spray bits and pieces with PAM and heat everything through thoroughly!
Ditto from above but you also have the car wash option.
You could also just spray it out with a garden hose to get all the big stuff out. Then mix 2 cup of Vinegar to 1/4 baking soda (will foam over so use a big bowl) the acid will kill the molds, scrub it down, then spray it out again with the hose, re-oil the inside, heat and your ready to run.
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