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Full Version: Backyard Competition May 11th Riverton./ South Jordan
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[Image: dadslogo.jpg] Dads Appreciating Downs Syndrome a sub group working under the 501c umbrella of [Image: udsf.jpg] Utah Down Syndrome Foundation, are inviting Backyard cooking teams to their fundraising event, May 11th Backyard BBQ Competition.

5:30 - 6:15 AM Arrive: River Front Park, South River Front Parkway, (Meat Inspection on arrival).
6:30 AM Cooks Meeting: Head cook from each team must attend.
7:00 AM Start Cooking:
12:00 Noon: Chicken Turn in +- 5 minutes, (turn in's will start at 11:55 and finish at 12:05 exactly).
1:00 PM: Ribs Turn in +- 5 minutes, (turn in's will start at 12:55 and finish at 1:05 exactly).
Judging will be completed by 1:30.
1:30 - 2:30 results will be scored.
2:30 Awards Ceremony.

The competition will be for Chicken and Ribs, you will need to enter samples for both to be considered for the reserve grand champion and grand champion awards.

Backyard cooks will need to supply their own pits, charcoal, wood, LPG gas, there will not be any electricity available, but if you wish to cook in an electric pit you will need to supply your own electricity. You will need to supply enough chicken and ribs to put at least 6 portions in the competition turn in box, your own rubs and sauces, tables, knives, tongs, a couple of wash tubs, water, dish soap, hand soap, disinfectant, fire extinguisher, meat thermometer.

Your chicken can be wings, breasts, thighs, drumsticks, (most teams cook thighs or drumsticks but it will be your choice of what you turn in), you will need to put at least 6 pieces in the box for the turn in, chicken can be whole pieces, slices, pulled or chopped!

Your ribs can be, loin or baby back, spare ribs, or St Louis style trimmed spare ribs, you will need to put at least 6 ribs, (with the bone in), in the box. Country style ribs are not allowed!

There will be NO Garnish in the boxes, you will be supplied with the turn in boxes at the cooks meeting, and with foil squares, to put into the bottom of the Styrofoam boxes to help protect the box from your hot cooked meat.

There will be trophies for First, Second and Third in each category, (chicken and ribs), the Reserve Grand Champion and the Grand Champion, Reserve GC and Grand Champion, will be awarded to the best combined scores for the chicken and ribs category's.

Trophies will be awarded for:

Grand Champion
Reserve Grand Champion

Chicken category
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

Ribs category
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

The entry fees will all go to support the activities of DADS, (Dads Appreciating Down syndrome), and UDSF, (Utah Down Syndrome Foundation), through out the year.

Further information will be made available as soon as we have it, the Utah BBQ Organization will be supporting and running the contest.

Teams that have cooked Pro-Division in the last 12 months will not be allowed to cook as Backyard cooks at this event.

A registration form will go up in the next week or so, if you are interested in cooking this Backyard competition, put your name on this thread, you may ask questions, and I will answer them as best I am able to.

We are looking for as many Backyard teams as are interested in cooking this one to come out and claim the inaugural Championship title for this event... there's only ever one, "first time out the box" title, so come on out with your best game and grab that title! Wink
Sounds Like I might be able to do this one

Here's the signup!

When you sign up, please add your name to this thread, so we can keep an eye on the numbers!

I must have missed it but what is the entry fee?

I think it's $25.00 from memory, the entry fees go to help support the organizations, DADS and UDAF, which is why there are trophies and bragging rights, not prize money!
I clicked on it and it is indeed $25.
Thanks Mike!
so does that mean I can do this one?
How many Backyard GC's do you have Russell?
I forgot I don't remember??????????????
This is a great opportunity to come and show support for a group of individuals who work harder than just about any other group of people. Please register and urge others to as well.The proceed go directly to helping indiviuals with Down syndrome.

Thank you,

Steve Phelps
State President of the UDSF DADS.
I'm thinking about this one. I've only cooked for fam or friends but this could be a good start for a good cause.
Yup it sure will be!

Put your name down and come out and give it a crack! Should be a great day for a great local cause!
(04-08-2013 09:26 PM)Uinta Smoke Wrote: [ -> ]I'm thinking about this one. I've only cooked for fam or friends but this could be a good start for a good cause.

Still looking for contestants. Dont hesitate to register.
This event is now open to everyone. We need some more contestants. Please register NOW! Event is NEXT SATURDAY!!!!!

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