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Full Version: Little Chicken Butt BBQ
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Hello, My two boys Taylor (age 5) and Michael (age 4) want to compete like there dad. I bought them a stick burner smoker and was a little afraid to let them play with fire. So I bought them a treager, that seemed to work. Their first comp will be Mark Miller Subaru, even though I think their mother will be doing most of the work.
Have to encourage them any way I can.
Good Job, get them all cooking!
As they are in the backyard, they can all work together!

If we run a kids que, this year or next year, they need adult supervision but have to do 99.9% of the "work" themselves, the adult can do the trimming to the kids instruction, and light the fire, but after that the adults are there as a safety measure, not as the cook!

Perhaps some of the other kids will want to come out and que this year, we will have to put on a Kids Que if they do, it's always fun to see them cooking!
Thanks. I would like to say my boys will be cooking but to tell you the truth my wife will be doing most of the work. The boys like to prep their meat and put tons of rub on it but mom still does most of it. I have a hard time giving my boys sharp knifes. Right know I just want to see them help mom and try their best.

If we do have a kids bbq comp I do understand that mom/dad can't help which I totally understand. I would also love to see that happen.
We will float the idea, for one or more in the summer!
Nice job Fidel...!
Great family time, yep, yep!
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