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Full Version: Judges needed for Apr 27th Valley Fair Mall
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Please sign up for judging at the Valley Fair Mall contest.

Judges needed April 27th arrive at 10:00 AM, Judges meeting 10:15 AM.
Location: Valley Fair Mall, 3601 S. 2700 W. - West Valley City, UT

Here are those that have already signed up.

1) Jeremy Maynard
2) Gary Nelson
3) Kelly Earl
4) Terry Norton
5) Gary Grant
6) Dana Grant
7) Lew Ershler
8) Spencer Williams
9) Jason Stucki
10) Jeanette Bryan
11) Chad Bryan
12) Deanna Thompson
13) Brad
19) bud-wie-ser

1) Jeremy Maynard
2) Gary Nelson

I think we will need 18 judges for the Pro Division, and probably 6 for the Backyard Division. You can sign up for either Pro or Backyard, or you can sign up for both if you want, if you sign up for both, please pace yourself so you can consume the added 12 bites of extra BBQ! Wink
Sign me up to judge Pro and backyard
Thanks Goatter!
I'll be there Chris. Can do both.
I'm available if you need me, but I would prefer to step aside and let some of the newer judges have a shot at it.
Can I put you on the end and fill ahead of you bud?
(04-04-2013 01:07 PM)SoEzzy Wrote: [ -> ]Can I put you on the end and fill ahead of you bud?

That works for me.
i will be there. put me down
put Terry Norton down as well.
Gary and Dana Grant will Judge.
Chris, is there an updated list for judges?
We need more judges.

I'll put an email blast together.
Put Jason Stucki down on the Judges list...
You can add Chad & Jeanette Bryan to the list...
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