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Full Version: More meat
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I have always smoked butts with their broad side on the grill. I need to do 6, the most the Lil' Tex will accomodate is 4 laid flat. Has anyone ever done them bone side down or on edge? Would there be any adverse affect cooking with the bone down?, drying out, etc? :?
"Why didn't ya just bring a bigger smoker, and more fodder for it"? I ask myself the same thing just about every time I cook on the Traeger. Unknown where we would be living, storage space, 2 main reasons. :evil: I know now bigger would have been no problem.
Pre thanks for suggestions on the meat folks. Smile
I don't think the butt care's Gene :lol: :lol: Sorry man I could resist Tongue I was gonna say cut them in half so there smaller! Seriously though, no doesn't matter. What ya could do is buy 2 more and do two cooks, 4 each

Later Bud
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