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Full Version: Changed Date 2nd UDS Building Class Saturday in JUNE!!!!
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Due to a conflict with a competition date, the 2 nd UDS Building Class will be on Saturday June 22nd

The 2nd UDS Building Class will take place on June 22nd 2013, at a Desert Magnolia BBQ Restaurant.

The class will take you through turning a 55 gallon drum into a working bbq smoker, so you will need room in your car to take home your completed UDS.

The Ugly Drum Smoker is a simple to build but easy to use cooker, a number of teams that compete on the BBQ competition circuit, cook and win on them.

The class is $100.00 and along with learning how to make your own Ugly Drum Smoker, it will buy you the class, (& your drum, thermometer, grates, handles, and controls), you will also get a free entry to the next Backyard BBQ contest a week after the class on June 29th Das Dubb Layton Hills, http://www.utahbbq.org/showthread.php?tid=5053 or at July 13th The BBQ Pit Stop Lehi, http://www.utahbbq.org/showthread.php?tid=5054 or July 27th Huntsville BBQ Challenge http://www.utahbbq.org/calendar.php?acti...nt&eid=131 (if you can't make that contest you can take a raincheck to another Backyard contest later in the year, 1 contest per UDS builder). So you will have a couple of weeks, (or more), to practice your chicken and ribs, and you will have a chance to see where your Backyard BBQ stands against friends and neighbors!

In order to get the largest number out to the class, you are asked to buy a single entry... you will learn enough to go on to build as many of them you want, but that way we can get 15 new smokers out there!

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I love UDS's... Ive built almost a hundred of them, they are my first love and what I learned to cook on. the link below shows a couple of the ones ive done.

I like the table addition, great idea! Smile Where can I get one of those dome Weber lids?
From a Weber kettle or a Char Broil kettle, you sometimes find they fit first time and sometimes it will never fit! Wink
Watch ksl for webers, you can get them real cheap most of the time.
I buy used kettles on ksl... you get the charcoal grate.. the cooking grate. and the lid... what I did so they all fit was cut about 2 inches off the top of the bottom portion of the Kettle (the part the lid sits on) then spot welded it to the inside of the barrel at the top. (you can bolt it on if you would rather). then the lid sits snug and tight and seals well too.

that is a close up of what I mean about building a flange out of the top of the bottom portion of the kettle.
Nice, that's a great idea. Thanks for sharing...

What time is the class? Thanx.
What time and how to sign up
There is an thread in general under the same name that has the sign up info.
I know I just missed this class but do you think there will be another? I would be interested in attending if you guys do this again.

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Yes I'm pretty sure we will do another class, not sure when, I'll talk with Curtis and Brad and get back to you when I have.
Sounds good... I look forward to it.

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Just discovered this forum and have been wanting to make a UDS for some time. Would love to go to a class!
had internet issues , sorry i missed this one, when can we get a second one rolling around?
The next will be the third, not sure on a date yet!
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