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Full Version: Bread baking
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I was looking for a few recipes this last week.

1) http://www.news9.com/global/story.asp?s=10314009 these yeast rolls have had a mention on these forums a couple of times in the past.

For Utah altitudes I did the first batch as per the instructions... they were overdone, edible but too crusty, (hard not flaky).

So from the second batch on I cut back the cooking time from 20 - 16 minutes, they are the fluffy soft centered rolls that I've always dreamed of making.

No pictures of the rolls, but they inspired me to go another round with a different bread.

2) Here's 3 loaves that I made with no-kneed high hydration bread, the recipe for this one I got from youtube.

12 cups flour
4.5 teaspoons yeast
4.5 teaspoons salt
12 cups warm water.

Mix the flour, yeast and salt thoroughly, make a well in the middle, add half of the water into the well and stir in the flour, yeast, salt mix, as it dries during the mixing add more of the water.

I make this in a Rubbermaid lidded tub, once it's all mixed, allow it to rise for 45 minutes or a little longer, you will then have enough dough for 5 large loaves, I take out enough dough to make 2 loaves the day I make it, then pop the whole tub onto the top shelf in the fridge, it can stay there ready to bake for u. to a couple of weeks, (well it would if it lasted that long)! Size your tub to meet your needs and your fridge... all that mixing in the tub is all it takes, there is no other need to kneed, all you do is cut out the next loaf, is a pastry cutter, scoop out the amount into a loaf pan, then allow to rise for an hour and a quarter, preheat the oven to 350°, bake for 45 minutes.

[Image: 3loaves1.jpg]
2 of the 3 loaves

[Image: 3loaves2.jpg]
3 loaves the last one sliced

[Image: 3loaves3.jpg]
The crumb

[Image: 3loaves4.jpg]
The crumb and the crust

3) Challah is a Jewish bread for the Sabbath, (Friday dusk - Saturday dusk).

It seemed appropriate as I cooked them last night.


[Image: challah1.jpg]
Ooops might have cooked this one a little too long.

[Image: challah2.jpg]
The crumb was still good burnt the outside is a little too burnt.

[Image: challah3.jpg]
Second loaf was a whole lot more like it was supposed to be...still room for improvement! Wink

[Image: challah2.jpg]
Crumb on #2

4) Here's the next one I'm going to try, I'll probably do white flour only in the first attempt, and then go with added wheat flour on another batch.


I'll post pictures...or not when I bake it!
looks good Chris
Nice job Chris, you certainly find recipes for using large quantities!
Well with 6 of us in the house the recipes for one or two just don't go very far! Wink
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