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Full Version: UDS Fail
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So for Memorial Day I smoked ribs for the family. 6 racks! So for such a large job I used both racks. 225-240 for 5 hours.
The meat was "ok" but really had a fuel taste.
I used lump charcoal with mesquite chunks.
The cooker held the heat well, except for a flare up when I pulled the ribs put to foil.
3 hours smoking, 1 hour foil, one hour out of foil.

Any idea what I did wrong? Can both racks be used successfully?
After the first 2 hours I did rotate the racks.

Just a uds noob lookin for some hep Wink
I had a similar issue a few months ago. Either your chunks were to big or you have creosote in your cooker. When I had it I was able to touch the metal of my pit and then lick my fingers. The flavor was so bad I ended up degreasing my pit and re seasoning it.

Keep us posted.
I have never used that combo of fuel source before... Was this the first time you have used that combo? And did you have the same flavor results? Might try some kingsford and apple and or hickory.

Yes it was the first time on the uds, but ive done it many times on the big green egg. i have never cooked on dual racks however, and never so much meat
IMO, the amount of meat, and the number of racks had nothing to do with it... Does the Egg have some type of heat shield or water pan in it?
I find Mesquite to be a problem on the UDS, same as on a WSM, the oiliness of the wood is often the reason for a creosote fail.

Very few can cook well with Misquite, IMO it's more suited for a hot small fire in an offset than in the enclosed cook of a UDS.
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