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Full Version: Smokin On The Snake
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Hey all,
Mark your calendar for September 13-14 for a KCBS sanctioned event here in Idaho Falls. Just a short 3 hour drive to cook along the beautiful Snake River. We have $10,000 prize money to give away. We had a great event last year with Parrothead Smoker winning the GC and he was the number one KCBS team last year. There will be a catered dinner Friday night for all to enjoy. Email me or Leah Dresen for information. I'll post the sign up sheet shortly. Leah.dresen@gmail.com or rob@pitmaster-BBQ.com
Thanks Rob.

Looked like a great place for the competition,from last years pictures!
I put a notch on my calender, so you know I'm there... As well as some others here in the valley
http://www.smokeonthesnake.com Here's the flyer for the Smoke on the Snake.

It includes a link to the entry forms.
Just a reminder...Smoke on the Snake is less than a month away and we only have 9 teams. We were hoping for 25 to make it a qualifier again this year. Go to http://www.smokeonthesnake.com for all info. Can't beat the $200 entry fee for $10,000 purse.
Rob, I am confused by one of the rules. It states that "You may cook on site after your meat has been inspected by the rep until 12 pm (1st turn in time) on Saturday, September 14th." Does this mean that all cooking must be completed by noon? We are still looking at heading up there but may be close to a last minute decision.

It's a KCBS event so there isn't anything different. I don't know about that statement. We only have 4 teams signed up. If you're thinking about it, please let Leah know. See email addy above. Thanks
Phil & Lou BBQ will be at this one. Hope you Utah guys can join us in Idaho. I'll see most of you next weekend. I'm looking forward to getting back into things.
The organizers are seriously considering pulling the plug because we only have 4!!!! teams signed up as of today the 19th. I told them to please hold off two more weeks before they decide. They don't want to put any more money or time into the event if no one is going to come.
I'm in... Just have to get thru the next 2 weeks...

Who is on the Team list?
So for we have me, Phil & Lou, a local guy and don't know the fourth.
Ill talk to Nikki about it after this weekend, and see if we can get up there!
Brad, if Nikki does't want to go, maybe we could team up and go. Then it wouldn't be as tough on us. I have that weekend off.
We would love to have you guys come up. It's a great event tied to Harvestfest. We have gift bags and a great dinner Friday night. Even though now the restaurant is saying they want us to pay for it so I might cater it myself or do a potluck. We'd love to have you guys.
Would love to come up and help support you guys. It is kind of like Jesse said, I need to see if I can make it through the next two weeks.

We are seriously considering coming up but there is one small issue that may prevent us. I won't know for sure for another week or so. I hope that it continues.

Rob, I am still planning on coming up for this event. Been a little nuts for me trying to get ready for Wendover. I will make sure I get paid and signed up before the end of the month.
Mike We are going and your still welcome to team up if you want! Rob give me this weekend and we will get signed up the first of the week.
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