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Full Version: Fat up or fat down?
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I have heard a few opinions on the butt and the brisket as to fat side up or down, which do you prefer? I have always done it fat down with the idea of a UDS having that heat there at one source to protect the good stuff and to seal in the upper fat and I am very pleased with the results. However, upon a friend of mine seeing how I had it cooking you would have thought that I had cursed the Lord or something, he was borderline offended that I would have the audacity to waste the best resource and not letting the fat trickle through from the top. so, what has been yalls's experience?
I cook on a couple uds, you will want to flip it every hour and a half that its out of foil. I cook mine three hours and then foil, but I also cook at 275 to 300.
I ditto that. I cook at 225.
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