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Full Version: Thoughts on new Camp Chef pellet smoker?
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I have a UDS and love it, especially that it is something that I made with my own hands and really take pride in it! However, I don't always have all day to babysit and would like to possibly have a second unit that is lower maintenance and therefore leaning towards a pellet or electronic style. I was leaning towards a masterbuilt, but the overwhelming terrible reviews have scared me off from that idea I think. So, I am next looking at a pellet style. Sportsmans Warehouse has the new Camp Chef pellet style for $650. From my ignorant view it looks identical to Traeger and Green Mountain at about 40% less money. Are they truly comparable or is it worth it to spend that much more $? Anyone specifically used one or just seen them to compare?
Thanks for the help guys!
I cooked on one when it was in beta testing before full production. It is comparable to the Traeger in meat production, as most pellet cookers tend to be. The basics of pellet cooking are really set: Pellets fall into fire pot either through direct auger or down ramp. Hot rod gets hot, air stokes fire pot, flames happen, heat and smoke spend time with meat before exiting. What I liked was the ash clean out system, the digital control and meat probe. It is a nice unit built by the Chinese as the Traeger is. Traeger was having difficulties with quality control in their Mount Angel Oregon plant. At the time I owned two COM200 which cost $10K each. Traeger was totally uninterested in solving design problems. Since the company has been sold, production went over seas, they shafted all their dealers, the quality has returned. Go figure.
Short story is if you can swing it, get it. If you can wait, watch KSL and buy Traegers at half price when the impulse buyer can't figure out which end the wood goes in.
A friend bought one of these Camp Chef cookers
He is in love with it
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