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Full Version: Looking for BBQ Chicken and DO Potatoe recipe
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Morning everyone. Hey, this part of our site has been quiet way TOO Quiet! So, I thought I'd throw this out and ask for some help with a couple of recipes. I'm looking for a simple but great recipe for cooking BBQ chicken in a DO and one for DO potatoes. I'm helping cook for a youth group of about 20 next weekend.
Heres the way I do DO Potatoes.
slice 1/2 to 1 lb of bacon in 1/2" wide strips. Brown in the dutch oven until the fat renders out and it just starts to get crispy.
Take out about half of the bacon and dice it.
Wash potatoes, and peel if desired. A 12" dutch oven will hold 7-8 lbs of potatoes.
slice 1-2 medium sized onions into thin slices.
wipe the bacon grease around the sides of the dutch oven. Leave the bacon in the bottom.
slice the potatoes into thin slices about 1/16". I slice them right into the dutch oven.
when you have a layer of potatoes about 1/2-3/4" deep, add salt and a little black pepper.
put in about 1/4 of the sliced onion and some of the diced bacon.
Repeat this layering until the dutch oven is full.
Cover and put on medium heat 325-350° for 45 minutes to an hour.
Cooking with charcoal, I use 10 coals on the bottom and 14 on the top for a 12" dutch oven.
You could mix in some cream of mushroom soup as well.
Just don't stir them once they've started cooking.
You'll end up with something that is akin to wallpaper paste.
Put some onions in with them too. Spuds and onions are a winning combo.
Thanks Bud and Gene. Any thoughts on bbq chicken?
All the BBQ chicken dutch oven recipes that I have read recently, (and that's a few), are pretty much the same, and involve browning your meat in a dutch, don't crowd the pan too much, and then adding a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce and cooking the meat until finished.

If you have a Camp Chef Ultimate Dutch oven, with the cone in the center , your could lay a little smoke on the meat that way, and then include it in the dutch with the sauce.

Does everything have to be cooked on site on the day?

If it does, can you take a Weber kettle or two with you, then you could grill chicken leg quarters over charcoal and smoke wood, using indirect cooking, then strip the meat from the bones and add it into the pot to finish with some sauce.

If it doesn't need to be cooked the same day, smoke your chicken at home, then break it down as it cools, put it into bags so that you have about an 1" thickness of meat, and plunge into an ice water bath to coo rapidly, leave in the ice bath as long as you can, then on the day of the cook, take the smoked meat with you in a cooler, cook on from there.
I don't really do BBQ chicken in the dutch oven, I do that on the smoker Wink

I would suggest a basic approach; Brown the chicken on all sides in a hot dutch oven (put it on a gas camp stove). Put the browned chicken into a dutch oven over coals until it is almost done, then drain the fat and add BBQ sauce. Continue cooking until the chicken is done.
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