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Full Version: Smokin Up The Hills Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Layton Hills
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Here's the sign up page for the Smokin up the Hills, Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Layton Hills, October 4/5th Pro division, 5th Backyard division.


It was set up on the old date, if when you pay it tells you September, don't worry, the real set date is the 4th and 5th of October 2013.

We have the proclamation for this event, sign up one and all.
This is the last competition for the TOY free entry to the USA Barbecue Championship to be held in Laughlin Nevada on Oct. 31 – Nov. 3!

Our ToY leader after this event will receive a free room at the Hotel, along with free entry into the event.
The date on PayPal has been fixed.
Here is the Facebook Event Link:


Please "Share" with you contact if ya would...
Hey do I get a discount for buying a truck there this year? lol
You get a FREE Entry...! Approved by the GM just now! Cheers!
Sweet! I was totally kidding, and totally willing to pay the entry!
I registered on here back on the 6th, And I have not gotten any reply as of yet, I am looking to compete in the backyard comp at this event, and I understand that I need a member number of some sort before I pay my entry fee,
Hi speedyts BBQ.

Do you want to pay for membership?

If you pay for membership it runs through to the end of the year, December 31st, and is $40.00, if you pay your $40.00 you can save $15.00 at each of the two backyard contests left this year, totaling $30.00, that's a loss of an extra $10.00.

If you want to subscribe for membership, on the line below the Logo, (top left), where you are welcomed back to the site, is a link to User CP click that link then, the second link on the left hand navigation there is a link MySubscriptions, click that link and it will run you through PayPal to take your payment.

If you choose not to pay the extra through to the end of the year, register for the competition without membership.
Ok, so let me see if I understand this right, If I pay for the membership it will only be good till the end of the year, So I should wait to buy the membership at the first of the new year then,
And as far as the contest goes is there any place I can look to find out about how much meat I need to bring and if I need garnish for turn in boxes, that sort of stuff? , oh and thanks for your reply.
I would wait till the end of the year if I was in your shoes.

You will need enough chicken and ribs, to turn in at least 6 pieces of each.

A pack of chicken from Walmart or Sam's Club comes in their family packs, there are 12 - 17 pieces per family pack.

As you want to size them as close as possible in the turn in box, you might buy two packs and select the best 12 - 15, only bring the ones you want ot cook then select from for the 6 + that you want to turn in.

You also want to turn in at least 6 ribs, so a coupe of racks should produce you at least those 6 ribs.
I think we agreed backyard competitions are garnish free, so you don't have to worry about garnish.
Ok, thats great info, thank you for your help.
is there Garnish in this one
For the Pro's there IS Garnish!

But remember, as with all contests that use garnish, it is optional! Wink
This might be a stupid question , But Can some one help me out , as far as the entry fee goes, does it cover the space fee as well, or is there an extra fee for the space,
Your fee covers the space for you to cook in/from...
when is the deadline to register?
The weekend before usually acts as the deadline, but if you are down to the wire and give us a clear heads up to expect you, we will generally save you a space!
I'm in for sure! Just gotta wait a bit to sign up
Is this free entry for backyard? i go to register and it still says $50.00
I thought Jesse fixed it, I'll contact him and we will rewrite the page in the morning.
This is fixed... Sorry about the confusion! Get signed up today... We have a limited amount of space for our Backyard Competitors!
awesome thanks guys
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