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Full Version: I am looking for a Weber 22.5 lid for my drum
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I have been looking for a Weber 22.5 inch lid for my UDS. When I was not looking they seem to be every were. Now I can not find one. I would like 2 if I could only be that lucky.
Webers can be hard to find. I use the kettles from Walmart or Kmart. They fit just as well, and this time of year they are usually on clearance.
Heck ye, I would use them as well. So if anyone has a used one that will work let me know.

Check your local thrift stores they often have kettles for $10.00 - $15.00!
Thanks Chris, I have checked a couple times but so far only square bbqs. I am going to be by one of them stores today and I will check again. I will post when I find one or two.
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