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Full Version: Congratulations to Primetime, HQO & The BBQ Pit Stop
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On making it into the Jack Draw 2013 for Utah.

As Utah State Champions from competitions at Valley Fair Mall, Cutrubus Cadillac Red, White & BBQ, & The BBQ Pit Stop, Lehi, today they have received their email invitations to the Jack Daniels Invitational Draw.

Thanks to Debbie Christian and Pam Hess for their hard work, advice and valuable information, and for helping get the 3 Utah BBQ Organization 2013 Grand Champions into the draw, thank you ladies we couldn't have done it with out your assistance!

So listen out for more information as to which one, gets drawn.

Good luck to Trever Johnson, Brian Winther and Steve Johnson and the rest of their teams!

They need to return their forms by fax or email and sit back with their fingers crossed.

Thanks to Jesse from Great Western BBQ Events for his hard work on promoting Utah BBQ Organization contests!
And thanks to Chris for all of his hard work in getting the Grand Champions their just rewards for all of their hard work in these contests and throughout the year!

Good luck guys!
Congrats and Good Luck~
Ditto on the Congrats and Good Luck!
Ditto on the Congrats and Good Luck!
Thanks everyone. I want to thank Jesse, Chris, Pam Hess (and all the other Jack Daniel's folks) and the UTBBQO for making this possible. Now all I have to do it wait and see if my dreams do come true. More to follow next weekend (hopefully).

Is it Friday yet...?
I wish. I am chomping at the bit to find out. I don't know for sure when we will find out as they send the list to KCBS who then contacts teams. At least this is the way that I read the information.

Good luck to all of you!
(09-04-2013 11:51 AM)bwinther Wrote: [ -> ]I wish. I am chomping at the bit to find out. I don't know for sure when we will find out as they send the list to KCBS who then contacts teams. At least this is the way that I read the information.


Brian, the most common places/ forums that get the team list first is at kcbs.us or the BBQ Forum (Ray Basso's site) Good luck to all the teams in the draw! BTW, its been known to be good luck to have an 11:00 clock shot of something on the draw day for good luck!


Pig Skin BBQ / Rockwell, IA / 2012 Jack Daniel’s
Shiggin & Grinnin / Delano, MN / 2012 American Royal
Across the Track Cook-off Team / 2013 Houston Livestock
Sweet Swine O’Mine / Olive Branch, MS / 2013 Memphis In May

3 Eyz BBQ / Owens Mills, MD / Seven Wins
Blazen BBQ/ Hillsboro, TX / Seven Wins
Gilly’s BBQ / Taylorsville, IL / Seven Wins
Hog Tide Bar-B-Que / Bentonville, AR / Seven Wins
Left Coast Q / Banning, CA / Seven Wins
QUAU / Brimfield, IL / Seven Wins
Swamp Boys BBQ Team / Winter Haven, FL / Seven Wins
TRUEBUD BBQ / Tonganoxie, KS / Seven Wins
Warren County Pork Choppers / Bowling Green, KY / Seven Wins

Bear Naked BBQ / Anchorage, AK / AK State Winner
Stubborn Bull BBQ / Oceanside, NY / CT State Winner
Qubed / Mason, OH / DC State Winner
Wilbur’s Revenge / Collegeville, PA / DE State Winner
2 Broke Ass Texans / Orange Grove, TX / HI State Winner
Parrothead Smokers / Dakota Dunes, SD / ID State Winner
Fatback Joe’s BBQ / Hampden, MA / MA State Winner
ZBQ / Cumberland, RI / ME State Winner
Lonestar Smoke Rangers / Rapid City, SD / MT State Winner
Can U Smell My Pits BBQ / Hudson, NH / RI State Winner
Jo-Bawb’s BBQ / Rozet, WY / SD State Winner
Transformer BBQ / Canton, MA / VT State Winner
Cool Smoke / Richmond, VA / WV State Winner

Southern Krunk BBQ Society
Fork U BBQ
I.A.B. 30 BBQ
Swinestone Cowboys
United Pork Smokers
Wooley Bully "BBQ Mafia"
Pork Patrol BBQ
Missouri Shark Fisherman Club BBQ Team
JP Custom Smoke
Blue Chip BBQ
It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere
Serial Griller
Bavarian Smoke BBQ
A Boy & His BBQ
Deep South Smokin' Que
Killer B's BBQ
Woodward Barbeque
Lo' -N- Slo' BBQ
Local Smoke BBQ
Little Pig Town
Who's Smokin Now
Blazin' Buttz BBQ
Smokin' In The D
Caveman Cuisine
Lake House BBQ
Drilling and Grilling BBQ Team
Pit Bulls Up In Smoke
That's the Way BBQ Go!
4:20 Q
Wine Country "Q"
TippyCanoe BBQ Crew
Flyboy BBQ
Big Pig Inc.
Q Haven BBQ
Hoosier Favorite BBQ
Insane Swine BBQ
Bar-B-Q 101
Fired Up Smokers
Velvet Smoke BBQ
Bad Bones BBQ
B.S. Pitmeisters
Q U Smokin Krewe
Philly Blind Pig BBQ
Diva Q
Pistol Packin' Piggies
Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ

Congratulations one and all for your trips to the Jack Daniels Invitational 2013!

Good luck, may you cook the best meat of the year when you are there! Wink
Good Luck Brian
Congrats Brian & all the other Teams that had your name called to compete!

And here is to make even more teams from Utah get their name put into the Draw~!
Big congrats to all, just to be in the draw is a big plus. Thanks to Cris and Jesse for their hard work on the draw matter. We had a great year all and next year is going to be bigger and better. Thanks to all for their support.
Congrats and good luck Big B. Not saying you are big or anything like that but Big HQO just didn't sound as smooth as Big B. Smile
Thanks everyone. I am still a little shocked that my dream came true today. This is a great day for my family and I plus the Utah BBQ Organization. I am proud to be a member of the UTBBQO and hope that I can represent the state of Utah proudly at The Jack.

We hope so too, cause if you don't, we're not going to send you back to the draw for next year! Wink
Brian, I am a really good driver…
Congrats Brian! And also to Primetime, The BBQ Pit Stop and all those who made it! Great job guys!
Congrats Brian! Knock'em dead over in TN!
Congrats everyone
Congratulations Brian! I know you'll make Utah proud!
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