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Full Version: Antelope Salami and more
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I've been smoking throughout the weekend. Friday night I cooked 4 pork shoulders and 5 whole turkey breasts. I also finished cutting up my Wyoming antelope.

My wife is fussy when it comes to game meat. She had heard horror stories about how bad antelope meat is and wouldn't even try the steaks that I cooked. I decided to keep the back straps whole and smoke them at a later time. I cut a few steaks and 3 roasts that I gave to my parents and decided to make the rest into Salami.

It wasn't planned but the trimmings from the 4 pork shoulders were enough to mix in with the game meat to add fat. I had roughly 17 pounds of Antelope and 8 pounds of trimmings. I ran the antelope meat first through a 3/4" grind plate. I then ran the trimmings through the 3/4" grind plate. I then eye balled 1/2 of each and mixed it with approximately 1/2 of the spice mixture and 1/2 of the cure. After mixing I did the same with the other half keeping each 1/2 separate. I then mixed 1/2 of each mixture together to try and get an even mixture of cure and spices.

After Mixing I ran the meat mixture through a 3/16" grind plate and a stuffing funnel into the casing. The spice mixture is a commercial ) one from Tri-B sales in Draper. The spice mixture was $8.11 and the casings were about $.50 each.

[Image: Antelopesausage001.jpg]

After smoking for 2 hours at 130 degrees. I got the bug to try something new. Here's what it is.

[Image: Antelopesausage003.jpg]

[Image: Antelopesausage002.jpg]
I have harvested a Wyoming Pronghorn before too.
I didn't think the "sage goat" was all that bad tasting. All in the way it's cleaned, cooled and processed I think. Oh deboning game animals
makes a big difference in taste. IMO
Never understood why they are called antelope, not even related to antelope, same with calling bison "buffalo".
Spam?? Not in my smoker or on my plate.
I got a goat last year in Wyoming, and had also heard horror stories about the meat. My family really likes it, we use it in chili and meat balls. I smoked pepperoni snack sticks out of the ground goat and it turned out great.
Wow thats good looking. You should really try a crank stuff'er. I got one a year ago and never looked back. Worth every penny.
Thank you Brad. I have a crank stuffer, but I have found it easier to stuff the large casings with my grinder.
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