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Full Version: Chicken practice
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Sizing needs a little work
[Image: 100_0088_zpsfdbbb4e2.jpg]
Sizing isn't as bad as you think... Use scissors to make the sides more even.
Thanks Jesse. I will. Do you think the uneven color is due to uneven rub?
What can I do to make this a (9)? All comments are welcomed and appreciated.
Maybe some smooth looking BBQ sauce???
Thanks for the comments so far. Any and all comments are appreciated. I am really trying to learn. @ Gary - Thanks for the suggestion. The sauce I used was really thin, but I think the rub was uneven in places. Does the chicken look undersauced to you?
Uneven rub is easy to fix with a shaker from a kitchen store. Doesn't have to be fancy but you don't want monster holes either. I agree that the sizing isn't as bad as you think. Sauce is a personal thing. Under or over depends on flavor.
Thanks DM...All in all do they look ok?
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