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Full Version: Q4U at Sportsmans Warehouse
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Just wanted to thank T for the great pork ribs and beef roast at Sportsmans today, the wife and kids loved it too! We took our food to the park up the street and had a great time. Thanks for or taking time to talk BBQ with a novice like myself. We will track you down again real soon.
I missed out, I got an invite to go hang out and had plans to do it, then spent the day doing things for other people, by the time I had everything sorted out it was after 4:00 and T's always done and gone by then.
Dale glad you stopped by and a pleasure to meet you and your family. I think that I will be doing those beef sands here in the future. Cris I'm still here waiting for ya bro. I did not want to be gone when ya got here since ya said that you were coming. I didn't want it to be on me. LOL
My bad... sorry T! Blush
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