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Full Version: Judging Class 16th November.2013
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Thanks to everyone who turned out to help with the CBJ class.

Nikki and Brad for hosting us, Brad and Curtis for cooking all the meats, Mugsy for teaching the class, Fidel, David, Jamie, Mike, Gary for serving as table captains.

Melissa and Jamie for helping doing boxes.

Jamie and David for bringing Jaden who helped out in the kitchen, with clean up throughout the evening.

Thanks to all those who turned out and got certified, I hope we see some or all of you out at the Man Camp next weekend.
It was a great class. I'm glad i could help out in any way.
Houston says to me. "It's like a big group of friends, this bbq thing, huh? I say yup it is. They are great people, but come on man "too much taste"?? I think it's all good, don't worry. We had an hour drive to get home and had a talk. lol
Congrats to the new CBJ's.
As a CBJ myself, could I ask ya'll to do two things?
1. Keep on judging. These cooks deserve quality judges.
2. Pay it forward. Tell everybody ya know about it and spread the word. Let's build up Utah bbq.
I add my thanks to all and congratulations to our new judges. Many of whom are cooks, whose products I look forward to tasting on their way to getting prize calls!
Thanks for everyone who worked so hard to put on a great class. My wife and I learned a lot, and met some really great people! Its nice to talk BBQ with people who share the passion. The folks I work with think I'm nuts, but love it when I bring food to work. Thanks again for a great evening!!
Glad to have had every one up! We have a little lost and found (mostly in the kitchen) and a cooler. I will bring it all to man cam. Unless you need it before that.
I lost $1,000 in dollar bills, did anyone hand that in? Wink
Not that I have seen..... but I'll keep an eye out
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