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Full Version: A safe and happy Thanksgiving to one and all.
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Hoping everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Turkey and Ham on the menu for us this year, with beans and peas, yams and sweet potatoes, gallons of gravy and some pies for desert.

Have a great time everyone!
Deep Frying & Smoking birds tonight... I got a spiral ham for my Pops... Gallons of gravy sounds about right!

Happy Thanksgiving to my BBQ Family!

Safe Travels if your moving about!

For me, after dinner... I gonna turn into a Potato... A Couch Patato!
Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving
I'll be doing a pineapple stuffed turkey in the dutch oven and one in the little smoker happy thanksgiving safe travels
Smoking a turkey and going to smoked mashed potatoes , and just for fun a ham
I like Matt's Facebook picture.
Happy Thanksgiving all! Still don't have my Lang yet but going up to Georgia Sunday and will stop by Nahunta (Lang Smokers) to check them out. Hope your holidays are the best.
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