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For the Pro division teams that are thinking of competing in the 2014 season, if you are likely to compete in more than 5 contests through out the year, you will be eligible for the 2014 ToY.

In order to be as including as possible and cut down on the amount of extra work on doing the scoring, I would like to sign teams up ahead of time.

So if you are thinking you will cook 5 or more contests, and it looks like we will be on for either 10 or 11 contests next year at this time, the ToY will take the best 5 scores from all the approved contests for the ToY awards at the end of the year.

If teams are prepared to sign up on this thread, it will make my job easier from the start of the season.

The 2014 ToY "season" will run from October 9th 2013 - October 8th 2014 so we are already 2 contests into the 2014 season.
2014 ToY contestants if your Pro Division team is likely to cook at 5 or more contests from october 9th 2013 - October 8th 2014, please add your team name to the list below!

1) So Low
2) Haunted Grounds BBQ
3) Smokin Flyers
4) Chicken Butt BBQ
5) Razcals Ribs
6) Nations Best BBQ
7) HQO
8) Rub Q Long Time
9) Out West Smokers
10) Big Johnson's BBQ
11) The BBQ Pit Stop
12) Half Baked Hippies
13) Lucky 13
Haunted Grounds BBQ is going pro for the 2014 season. I'd like to compete for the ToY for the 2014 season.
Sign us up
Chris, put Chicken Butt BBQ Utah on the list (Thanks)
How come it's not TotY?
I'll Try this year
Because we don't want no hoity toity, or hotty totty troubles Larry!
I'll raise my bottle of sauce to everyone and toast them Good Luck this year!
Put us down Chris.
(12-06-2013 07:19 PM)SoEzzy Wrote: [ -> ]Because we don't want no hoity toity, or hotty totty troubles Larry!
Considering these December temps outside and the holiday season, perhaps a nip or two of hot toddy would be appropriate!
HQO will be doing more than 5 this next year.

Add rub q long time to the list as well
I'm game
I might be able to do 5 next year...
Put me down!
When are this years results going to be posted?
At the End of Year Party!


The 2013 Utah BBQ Organization Awards & Pot Luck is going to be held December 21st!

Its going to be at Jesse Johnsons Gym:

Absolute Power & Fitness
3140 Brinker Ave
Ogden, UT 84401

Please bring a dish to be Shared with 20 people!
Sign up the HIPPIES please!!!!!
Please add Lucky 13 to the list.
Lucky 13 is #13. Could this mean something lucky for Lucky 13??
I think he waited intentionally! Wink
I might do it, but I had to sell the smoker. Need to find another.
We can work at outfitting you with UDS's for a couple of hundred Lorin, or there's bound to be a Traeger on KSL if you want to move onto the dark side! Wink
I have a Traeger 075 that I would be willing to part with as I haven't used it as much as I would like.

The pictures found at http://www.utahbbq.org/showthread.php?ti...1644854255 are fairly accurate, with only a few differences.

Let me know if you are interested.
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