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Full Version: Brisket?
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How many pounds (raw) you thing I need for company (mixed adults) of 30 people? No Chris....I'm not feeding them raw. I plan on cooking it.
I know you have cooked a mess of briskets in your time.
You didn't keep a tally on how far they went?
Tsk, tsk. Undecided
If you are feeding them raw flats, you will get a better yield than feeding them raw packer, because the raw fat in a raw packer will slow down the eating a lot.

Packers can get you 55 - 60% yield, (if you have folks that like eating at least some of the fat on their briskets), so if you want to feed 1/3rd of a lb you need to think 1/2 lb (8.8 Oz) raw weight, or if you want to feed them 1/2 lb you will need 13 Oz per person.

30 x 8.8 / 16 = 16.50 lb is the tight bottom line or 30 x 13 / 16 = 24,37 lb is the plump top line, 2 briskets for the bottom end, 3 for the top end.
On brisket when I buy for friends i like 1/2 pound raw per person or 6 oz for a job.
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