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Full Version: 2014 membership?
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If you want to become a paid member of Utah BBQ Organization, and get discounts on competition entry fees, class entry fees, and with some shops and business's throughout Utah, here's the How To!

At the top left of the page below the organization logo on the line of text that says Welcome back, "your user name". You last visited: etc. There is a link that says User CP, click that link.

This will take you to your User Control Panel, where you can edit your preferences, your signature, avatar, messaging preferences, albums.

The Second Link on the Left Hand Side of the page is MySubscriptions. Click that link.

That takes you to a page where it says:

Utah BBQ Organization Membership
Utah BBQ Organization membership subscription, allows entry to the full members group, discounts at some local stores on display of your current membership card, and to discounts for competition entry fees run by the organization, as declared applicable by the managing members.

Over on the bottom right, click down arrow to the right of the box and select the $40.00 text, then click the Order button.

That takes you to a confirm purchase page, and clicking the Confirm Purchase button takes you to an Order Summary page at PayPal, log on to your PayPal account and confirm the payment inside your secure account area!

Once the payment has been made, the site moves your User Account from Registered to Paid Member, and I get an email, once I have the email, I assign a Membership number, and I'll create a Membership card for you.

Thanks in advance.

You need to be a registered User with the forum, in order to have an account to up grade to Paid Member. If you are having difficulties registering an account, contact me on soezzy at utahbbq dot org and I'll do what I can to help you out.

Good luck to everyone for the 2014 Season!
I'll join as soon as I get on the computer.
you say discounts at stores? could you explain which stores.
not that being part of this group isnt enlightening enough but that
would awesome.
The BBQ Pit Stop in Lehi offers discounts.
Standard Wood usually do something for you.
I offer 10% discount on Web sites for members.
Banner Mania have worked out specials that we advertise from time to time.
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