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Full Version: Firing up the UDS
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Tomorrow I'm firing up one of my drums for a brisket for the first time in UT. Anything I should know? Should be fairly warm tomorrow so not worried about ambient temperature. Does the altitude affect the smokers at all?
You don't have as much O2 in the air up here, depending on where you are in the State, you could be anywhere from 2,200' - 8,000', I think Parawan is at 5,800'.

So you will need more intake than you are used to, to be open to get to the same temperature you normally cook at.

Depending on how early you are going to be up and cooking, watch out for the increased moisture in the air from about an hour before dawn to a half hour after dawn, that extra humidity can drop your running temperature in the pit by 25 - 30°.

Just give yourself an extra hour or two for your cook compared with your old cooking times!
It did take about 20 minutes longer to come up to temp this am. I fired more lump than usual and that seemed to help. Need to adjust from my Vegas mindset...it's not 90 degrees at 4am lol

Also I have the intakes wide open on my blower. I'm putting out more smoke than usual, but that could also be because of the warm smoke hitting the cold air
I have a bachelors in redneck science/engineering :-D
Good; you'll fit in well with the other redneck engineers round here! Wink
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