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Full Version: BBQ Stores Crashed
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Anyone ever hear of Wallaby's in Lindon? They are up for grabs. Also Pitmaster on 123rd South 4th East. They have a nasty letter on thier door wanting rent money.
$4800 a month in rent, before you buy a pork butt or a rack of ribs, plus 6 or 8 staff, that's a whole lot of BBQ to sell in Lindon.

Pitmaster on 123rd always appeared tucked out of sight, easy to miss or hard to see, one or the other!
Has anyone tried the smoking apple in Lindon? I hear good things about it, but have not tried it. I have not had good luck with most BBQ restaurants. I forget the name, but a place in San Diego had the best corn pudding. It's the best side I have ever had and it went well with the meat. Wish I had the recipe.
Smoking Apple does some good food, good meat and good sides!

Stop in and try some!
Both the Smoking Apple and Wallaby's are within walking distance of my house and both are good eats. Wallaby's has always had a presence in the coupon mailers and may have more than one location. The Apple has no advertising to speak of but it's pretty brisk at lunchtimes. They used to use apple pellets but now use hickory.
I ate at Smoking Apple, really good.
The latest ValPak mailer has a Wallaby's 2 Meals for $15.75 coupon (one of the times it's tough to be married to a vegetarian!). At the bottom is the new location, 69 S. State in Orem, to which they expect to move at the end of February. On their web site, http://www.wallabyssmokehouse.com, under About Us > Locations [sic, as they have only one] they write that they'll be moving to Orem, IT. I guess their IT guy lives in his own world!
All IT guys live in their own worlds! We are only allowed out on visiting days. Tongue
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