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Full Version: Portable sink / food prep station
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This portable sink / food prep station can come in pretty handy... Owned by a friend that did a little catering... By law they had to have a hand washing station in order to feed the public... he used a little coleman portable water heater worked pretty well... only used for a couple of events.. friend passed away and I am helping his wife get rid of some of his stuff... 50 bucks and its yours... also have his 3 burner campchef with griddle and BBQ box that needs a new home too... PM or email me mmurry78@hotmail.com
That's a nice unit.

What does the BBQ box thingy look like?
looking for 150 out of the camp chef including the bbq box and griddle... here is a photo it has 3 burners... also not used alot but has been sitting around awhile...

(01-26-2014 11:49 AM)SoEzzy Wrote: [ -> ]That's a nice unit.

What does the BBQ box thingy look like?
Thanks, now I know what you mean!
sink is sold still have the camp chef
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