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Full Version: Egg in cast iron
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Doug gave me a BS & R skillet for Xmas, I was inspired today to cook an over easy or over soezzy egg for lunch today.

Getting the pan hot with a little bacon grease.


In goes the egg cooking quickly.


20 seconds or so later the white is setting.


The egg moves easily across the bottom of the pan.


Peppered egg.


Flipped the egg in the pan, it's all in the wrist action, you have to put a flick in it.


On the bagel opened the lid so you could see the yolk was still runny!

How about bangers?
what time is breakfast
Bangers would work well too and could provide the grease for your eggs.

I love the cooking capabilities of cast iron, get the pan hot, get the grease or oil hot and cook to your hearts content.

Breakfast will be about 6:00 AM!
Bacon grease & cast iron what a combo
I know, it makes your heart flutter and your arteries clog! Wink
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