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Hey, name is John Mayo.
I was born and raised in Houston, TX. Have been in Utah for about 14 years, minus 4 spent in Arizona for a job. Been smoking for about 15 years on everything from a Weber, to my Brinkman offset to now using a Lang 48. I smoke just about everything. Favorites are Spare Ribs & Pulled Pork, but do love my brisket. Looking to enjoy good company and good food.
Not sure why it has the thumb down, must have hit the wrong icon. Oh well, enjoy!
Welcome John,
I also cook on a Lang. (Delux 60) I love it. Hope to see you around. First comp of the year is a few weeks away. March 28/29 at Mark Miller Subaru in South Salt Lake. Come by a say hi.
Welcome John hope to see you at Mark Miller in March
Good to have you on here John! Lots of great folks on here, comps and plenty of information...

Keep it Smokin!
I changed the thumb down to a thumb up for you!

Welcome to the forums.

The button for an icon is ahead of the image not behind it!
Welcome John. I look forward to meeting you in person.
Appreciate the welcome guys and I plan on being there. As far as what to bring for the potluck, any suggestions or should I just smoke some ribs & brisket?
And thanks SoEzzy for the icon correction!
welcome aboard buddy.
There is more info about the Mark Miller Comp here:


Potluck is Friday Night @ 6p after the 5:30p cooks meeting!
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