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Full Version: Apricot Beer Pulled Pork
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[attachment=1402]Just for kicks figured I would post a picture of something. Here is my Apricot Beer Pork Shoulder.
looks good
Great Color!
Appreciate it!
Did you use Wasatch Apricot Hefeweizen?

I like to use the normal Hefeweizen for Brats, I think a good beer works well with good meat, I'm not a big fan of Apricots, what was your recipe / technique?
I agree, nice color and looks yummy!
Yes sir, Wasatch Apricot. Gives it a very unique flavor and just makes the color unbelievable. Color always turns out great. I generally will smoke it for about 7 hours spraying every hour on the hour with the Apricot Hef. After 7 hours I like to put it in the pan and pour a half bottle in, let the pork juice mix with the hef. Depending on how much time I have sometimes I place a piece of foil over the pan. I like using the pan on the pork because it allows the moisture to have room to breathe and surround the meat rather than just wrap in foil and steam. I have done pork 10+ different ways and this by far comes out the best for me.
Yep that's a good way to do it!
Did you use apricot wood?
No, it is just spritzed with Apricot beer every hour on the hour. I smoke with almost exclusively Cherry wood.
What temp?
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