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Full Version: Popeye's
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One of them is real close to us out here in West Jordan. Beings from Texas, this guy is excited!
It's going in where Sonic was at Jordan Landing.
OK.....We got Popeye's, In N Out, now we need White Castle.
So what is the big deal about Popeye's? Everyone is excited but why? Sorry but being from Seattle we have never heard of this chain before.

They are kinda a fun place to go for Louisiana style chicken. No other place like it in Utah.
Have to chime in on this...Popeye's fried chicken is well known in the South and at just about every U.S. Air Force base in the world. Much better than KFC. Their spicy crispy all dark 4 piece with slaw, kajun rice and beans, box lunch was one of my favorites when working at Hill AFB and previously at Hickam AFB in HI over the last 20 plus years. They are popular here in Florida also. Give it a try. You'll be glad you did.
On a Marine base here in Okinawa.
I prefer their shrimp Po Boys over anything else on their menu.
Oops, Kadena AB also. My bad.
semper FI
Would that be Camp Hansen on Oki? I graduated from Kubasaki High in 71. Haven't been back since even though I spent 15 years at HQ PACAF. Changed much...:-).
No one needs White Castle........ ever
Randy, The ones I've been to are on Foster and Kadena, but there are 2 others, on Hansen and Schwab.
Thanks Gene. Thinking about "the Rock" brings back fond memories.
Randy, check your P.M.
(03-05-2014 02:42 PM)Gene Wrote: [ -> ]Randy, check your P.M.

Done, thanks.
One going in at the river bottom in Midvale next to Winco.
Still a happy camper that I can stop at the one less than 3 miles from my home on the way out the west gate on Hill. :-)
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