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Full Version: Vault smoker for sale
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I found this on the Man-yard sale site on Facebook. I will try and post the link below but this is the info on this smoker.

BIG SMOKER! GREAT FOOD! If you like smoking foods then this is the smoker to have!!! It has 3 big racks for food and a water rack at the bottom. The smoker is insulated and maintains temp very well. This is a charcoal smoker and the food tastes amazing! You only need less then half bag of charcoal (10 lb bag) to run this for 5-6 hrs. Maybe even longer.

It's easy to roll around the patio with the wheels and it has locks on them to keep it in place.

It will come with 3 temp gauges and one of those is a wireless system to be able to watch temp from inside the house.

You will be happy with this smoker and have plenty of room to cook the big meats!

I can take CREDIT CARDS!

Might be open to some partial trades. Let me know what you have.


Cooking Time

Ribs - 2 hrs

Brisket - 4 hrs

Chicken - 2 hours

Fast, Easy Cooking!

The guys name is Kenny Crandell and his facebook page is listed below.
Can't seem to find any info on his smoker...
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