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Full Version: Now This is Just Plain Wrong
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No Thank You
I wonder is the Swamp Boys class will teach how to smoke a whole gator? Might be interesting just to see that.

Hmmm.. I bet it tastes like chicken.
I wanna smoke a gator
Those ribs look kinda small, but what the hell, sign me up. I'll try almost anything once.
Very good stuff! But you mosyly just eat the tail...
(03-08-2014 12:53 PM)Big Johnsons BBQ Wrote: [ -> ]Very good stuff! But you mosyly just eat the tail...

You mosyly do? Some say it tastes like chicken.
That looks delicious. Do you add sauce it serve it right off the pit?
Smoked gator in Jambalaya? That would be delicious.
I could see Glenn on Swamp People doing that. He's into living off the land or the water. Says he loves smoked Gar.
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