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Full Version: First Cook On Jim Bowie Green Mountain Grill
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I finally got another smoker after waiting 9 months following our move to Florida. Yes, it's a pellet pooper but really good bang for the buck. I challenged it pretty hard to see what it could do and tried to get as much smoke flavor as possible using 100% hickory pellets. Put on a 16lb packer and 2 butts at about 2200 Saturday night, went to bed, got up Sunday morning (0430) and put on some ribs (spares and country style) at 1030. I found that the grill has a hot spot where I had the brisket (see pics) but it came with baffles that I can install to remedy that issue. The burnt ends were outstanding, pulled pork is excellent, spares were a little dry but tasty, and country ribs were really good. Overall, I'm very impressed how well it held temp within 5 degrees throughout the cook. Pleasantly surprised at the results. Here's some pic's.
Good Job Randy. Looking good.
Randy: Lookin' awesome! Bon appetite!
Do it to it Randy!
Welcome to the "Dark Side".
Thanks all. Yes, dark side for now but hey, been there. What has changed this time around on the pellet cookers for me is the smoke flavor...new 100% flavor wood pellets make a significant difference. I'm experimenting with a couple of brands like Pitmaster Competition Hickory, Cookingpellets 100% hickory, and the Green Mountain Grill Texas blend. My first cook using the Pitmaster pellets went well with decent smoke flavor, not as much as a traditional stick burner, but decent. Next will be the GMG Texas blend on ribs and chicken. I will post the results. Hopefully, the smoke flavor will be good enough. However, my expectation is that it won't be and I'll end up installing a SmokeDaddy attachment to get the more intense smoke flavor at some point in the future. Or, I'll give in to my ultimate desire which is to get that Lang 48 Backyard grill ;-).

I sure miss everyone back there and especially the many opportunities to judge. Competition to judge here in Florida is fierce as there are many certified judges. I'll be certified to judge in the Florida BBQ Association events in May so maybe that will help. There is a comp every weekend within driving distance somewhere in Florida so looking forward to getting back into the judging activities.

I'll be watching this weekends comp results back there. Good luck to everyone.

Smoke on!
Check out the A-Maze-N-Tube Smoker. I use it on my pellet smoker and it seems to go a great job. Give it a try.

Good looking chow there! My brother swears by his green mountain grill.
Nice stuff Randy...!
Thanks for the input and kind words.
Everything looks real good. Nice color on those ribs.
Great job! I'm in agreement with Fidel. Smoker tubes work great in pellet smokers! We sell them in our Lehi store if you're interested.
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