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Full Version: Soezzy!
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A very special thank to Cris, who has been taken care of this website for 7 yrs. Appreciate ya good brother and all that you do.
Thanks for all the hard work you put into the site Chris.
Yes Chris, you are an awesome dude and thanks for all you do!
Ditto all above. Many thanks for your talented support.
Detto Chris Thanks alot
Thanks for your time spent on the website and the time you have spent helping me work out the bugs with my drum!
Thanks Chris for all the work you do!
Thanks for all your hard work and time
Thanks for all you do to promote BBQ in UT!
Thanks for keeping us up and going!
He makes it look SoEzzy... Lots of hard work!
An anchor in the World
Ya Chris, what they all said goes for me too.
91 days remaining here. We still need to do that cribbage game we talked about many moons ago.
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