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Full Version: WSM sand pan?
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I have been cooking my pork butts at the higher temp for a few cooks now 275ish. I use a sand pan as I couldn't get it up with water. I use an IQ110 controller. Verdict still out on the IQ 110,s. So my question is on the sand. I change the foil covering but a time or two drippings have leaked into the sand. I seasoned my smoker with a small pile of coals after hosing off the winter dust inside and out buy I didn't have the sand pan in. My worry is will this dripped on sand give me an off flavor?!
My only concern would be the amount of fat that was absorbed by the sand. I cant imagine rancid fat smelling good. You could maybe just scoop out the really soiled areas.
Cook it for a couple of hours with the sand pan in, hot as you want and get the sand sterilized too!

Stir the sand to make sure you get all the sand to the outside to get fully heated.

Get wider foil and put two layers over the pan and seal it well.
I wouldn't worry about the grease on the sand. We cooked on the WSM's with lava rock in the pan covered in foil and sometimes grease got on the rock. It should burn off.
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